Measures of Equality

Inequality (Gini) coefficient: 35.9 (2015)
World Press Freedom Index: 20.51 (2018), #31 out of 180 countries
Human Development Index: 0.891 (2017), #26 out of 189 countries
Global Democracy Ranking: 75.3, #19 of 112 countries
Fund for Peace Fragile States Index: 41.4, #149 of 178 countries (the lower the ranking the better) (2018)


Total GDP: $1.314 trillion (2017)
Per capita GDP: $38,300 (2017)

Location Population

Total Population: 46438422

Galicians in Spain

The Galician language conflict is a centuries-long competition between a dominant (Castilian Spanish) and a non-dominant (Galician) language. Galicia went through its ‘golden age’ at the very beginnings ...

Catalans in Spain

Catalan is historically spoken in several Western European countries and regions, including Catalonia, the French Department of Western Pyrenees, Andorra, Eastern Aragon, Valencian Community, the ...

Basques in Spain

The conflict of the Basque people, or Euskaldunak, is a long-standing issue of autonomy that has spanned multiple centuries and transcends national borders. It has basis in the autonomy that the Basque people have held for much of their modern history, ...